North Carolina Local Broadband Speed Test

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians struggling without good broadband Internet access, you can help out by answering a few short questions designed to measure the extent of the problem and provide evidence that more investment is essential. Due to many inaccuracies in current broadband availability data collected by the federal government, there is no accurate map showing where high-quality Internet access is available. When it comes to prices, neither the state nor federal government collect and share that information. Please act now by taking this scientific survey to help paint a clearer picture of our state’s broadband needs.

Sharing Your Location

To get the most accurate location data, we ask you to allow your browser to share your location. This is not essential but it is very helpful for creating more accurate maps. Depending on your browser, you'll see a window similar to the images below, requesting your consent to share your location. If you are using Private Browsing mode or Incognito mode, you may need to disable that preference for this website.

Screengrab of location ask in Firefox.

Screengrab of location ask in Chrome.

Please answer these questions to the best of your ability - but feel free to skip a question if you do not know. It may help to find a recent bill for your Internet service provider before you start. We are most interested in what you are using to connect to the Internet in your home or office.

You can start the survey while the test is running or skip the survey and only submit the speed test results once the test completes.

Your results are shown on the bottom of the page.